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Thai Wedding

Thai Wedding Package: THB 89,000 nett
This Full ceremony which involves the chanting and blessing by Buddhist monks. This will normally take place at a suitable time of your choice in the morning (Time should be good during 0800-1100am) Location on varied, hotel lobby, in the garden or even around the pool area nearby the beach. The marriage certificate as legal arrangements are not included and must be arranged directed by the client at the embassy in Bangkok and district office where applicable


Long Drum Parade: The wedding begins once the groom, accompanied by the celebrant, leads the colorful "Long Drum Parade" to where the vows will take place. At the entrance, two friends or relatives of the bride are holding a golden ribbon to block the way. After giving them a symbolic token, the groom gets to enter the venue.
Engagement Ceremony: The celebrant then addresses the bride's family and guests. The bride enters the venue and the engagement begins. Gifts of either envelope containing money or presents that have been placed in a basket beforehand are now checked by the bride's mother or relative. Once all is agreed the groom presents the engagement ring to the bride. Buddhist Ceremony: Invited monks chant prayers of health, happiness and prosperity for the wedding couple. In return, the couple presents the monks with alms and food. Watering Ceremony: The bride and groom then kneel together and a holy string is draped from one person's head to the other, forming a circle and connecting the couple. This symbolizes their spiritual union. Flower garlands are presented and powder is placed on the forehead. They then Wai by clasping their palms together in the traditional prayer-like gesture while one by one the guests pour a conch shell full of sacred water over the couple's hands while blessing for good luck.



Wedding dress
THB 5,000
Professional Photographer
THB 25,000/3 hour
THB 15,000/hour
Thai Classical Music
THB 8,000/45min
Thai Cultural Show
THB 8,000/3 Set
Guitar Classic
THB 4,000/hour
THB 7,000/set
Cocktail Reception
THB 400/person
minimum 20 people
Soft Drink Free Flow
THB 250/person
minimum 20 people
Thai Set Menu
THB 700/person
minimum 10 people
Western Set Menu
THB 900/person
minimum 10 people
Thai Buffet
THB 900/person
minimum 25 people
Western Buffet
THB 1,000/person
minimum 25 people
Seafood BBQ
THB 1,200/person
minimum 25 people
Wedding Cake
THB 500/pound


50% deposit is required upon booking confirmation Balance amount shall be paid one week before the wedding date Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the wedding date is subject to 50% charge of both the wedding package and optional service price.

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